Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Acrylic Mirror Sheet by Industrial Plastic Solutions.

IPS are Melbourne’s prime supplier of high quality Coloured Acrylic Mirror Sheet.
We stock Silver Mirrored Acrylic sheets in thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm, & 6mm. Coloured Acrylic Mirror is available for all types of applications. From Architectural Projects, Decorative panels or signage we can help.
Sheet sizes available in standard 2440mm x 1220mm. Also available upon request are over-sized Acrylic Mirrored sheets at 3050mm x 2030mm.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Colours available for our Acrylic mirror and thicknesses are:
• Silver in 2mm & 3mm.
• Gold in 3mm.
• Red in 3mm.
• Yellow 3mm.
• Blue 3mm.
• Bronze 3mm.
• Amber 3mm.
• Orange 3mm.
• Purple 3mm.
• Silver 4mm.
• Silver 6mm.

Available upon request are half sheets, quarter sheets as well as a cut to size service.

In most cases we can cut the Acrylic Mirror panels you require while you wait.

A great characteristic is that Acrylic Mirror sheet is light weight and shatterproof. Our mirror is high quality as well as being easy to machine and fabricate. We can Cnc route acrylic mirror to any shape size or font for specialised signage displays

Advantages of using Acrylic mirror are that you are able to drill, machine, cut it as well as bend and fabricate.
Uses include plastic signs, point of sale displays as well as plastic shower mirrors.

Cleaning can be performed by using a mild dish wash detergent combined with water and a soft cloth, or by using one of our specialized cleaners.

Things to know about Acrylic Mirrored Sheet are that when installing larger sheet panels if not installed correctly you may obtain a wavy reflection. In order to help minimize this you need to first install on a flat MDF board using a quality Mirror adhesive that we have available in-store.

Our experience staff are happy to answer any  questions you may have in aiding in the installation process.

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If you have Coloured Acrylic Mirror and Acrylic fabrication requirements – WE CAN HELP

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