Plastic Welding Melbourne

Industrial Plastic Solutions based in Melbourne Victoria, offers an in-house Plastic Welding & Repair service for a vast range of customers. Ranging from the general public to Engineering and manufacturing companies. We set the standard in PVC Plastic Welded components.

When you come across an old plastic component and it has cracked split or broken, call Industrial Plastic Solutions for a free quote.

We are often able to apply our Plastic Welding and Repairs services to fix your product. Many times an item that is broken or cracked is no longer available on the market due to discontinuation. If this occurs pick up the phone and give us a call to see if we can fix it for you, and save you from all the headaches of having to throw away older equipment that may otherwise be fine.

Materials that we perform Plastic Welding & Repairs range from Polypropylene & High Density Polyethylene to PVC and ABS.

We can Plastic Fabricate Chemical Tanks to Custom Plastic Fabricated PVC Electrical Enclosures as well as Plastic welding and Fabrication of  Holding Tanks including Black water tanks, especially for marine applications.

Plastic Welding & Repair Services offered:

  • Hot Air Welding of PP & HDPE.
  • Extrusion Welding of PP & HDPE.
  • Cnc Machining & Plastic Fabrication using Plastic Welding for strength joins.

Using a variety of materials and utilizing a vast knowledge pool, we can manufacture new components or fix old ones that cant be purchased any more subject to material testing.

Specializing in Plastic Fabrication of PVC insulation for Elevated Platforms, and in making repairs or replacing old cracked and brittle components to bring trucks back up to industry safety standards, we are proud to offer  Plastic Welding and Plastic Fabrication services Australia Wide.

Give us a call for a free quote. (03) 9798 1153

Materials Plastic Welded are as follows:

  • PVC.
  • HDPE.
  • PP.
  • ABS.

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Plastic welding melbourne & repairs
Plastic Welding Melbourne