Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Sheet is ideal for many applications due to its outstanding low co-efficient of friction, and high wear resistance.


UHMWPE Sheet main features are its incredible resistance to abrasion. UHMWPE can out perform almost any engineering plastic for abrasion resistance and is probably one of the best materials for lining chutes and hoppers for products such as sand, concrete or any other highly abrasive moving product. Another important property of UHMWPE Sheet is it’s incredibly low co-efficient of friction, this is one of the lowest of all engineering plastics and will produce components with a very high life span with very low drag. UHMWPE Sheet is resistant to many dilute acids, solvents and cleaning agents.

Applications for UHMWPE Sheet:

Because UHMWPE has excellent abrasion resistance it is often used for lining chutes, hoppers and wear blocks in aggressive environments. UHMWPE Sheet is often found in food production manufacturing situations where high speed conveyors are used. Because UHMWPE Sheet has very low moisture absorption, it is also found in marine applications.

Size availability of UHMWPE Sheet:

UHMWPE Sheet is commercially available in two common sizes of 2000mm X 1000mm and 3000mm X 1250mm.

Technical Data

UHMWPE Sheet has a maximum operating temperature of plus 90°C and a short term operating temperature of plus 120°C. UHMWPE Sheet has a tensile strength of 17MPa and a ctystale melting point of plus 135°C. UHMWPE has a water absorption figure of 0.02 at saluration and a co-efficient of friction of 0.29.

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