Acrylic Display Cabinets

Lockable Perspex Containers

Industrial Plastic Solutions are your go to guys when you need Custom Acrylic Display Cabinets. All cabinets are made from quality Perspex sheets as well as the more standard cast acrylic sheets. We are happy to Plastic Fabricate any type of Acrylic Display Cabinet your business or company may require. Acylic Display Cabinets | Features • […]

Perspex Light Diffusers

Prismatic Light Diffuser

Perspex Light Diffusers by Industrial Plastic Solutions. Here at Industrial Plastic Solutions we are able to provide you with many types of Perspex Light Diffusers. We off a cut to size service while you wait using quality Perspex & Acrylic Light Diffuser Materials. The most common type of Perspex Light Diffusers that you see in […]