Perspex Cutting Services in Melbourne

Perspex Cutting Services in Melbourne at Industrial Plastic Solutions Industrial Plastic Solutions provides a Cnc contract Perspex Cutting service in Melbourne Victoria. We are the experts in Cnc Routing and cut all types and thicknesses of Perspex sheets using the latest Cad Software and Cnc Router. We do jobs for the general public including one […]

Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic Fabrication has become so prolific nowadays it’s seen in almost every industry. Whether it’s within the retail, medical, scientific, mining, industrial sector or even the home hobbyist,  you will notice Acrylic Fabricated components all around you. Decorative with all kinds of colours and textures it is truly exquisite in appearance and highlights the object you […]

CNC Routing Dandenong

CNC routing dandenong

Cnc Routing Dandenong by Industrial Plastic Solutions. Not only do we perform Cnc Router Cutting services we also have a full in-house custom Plastic Fabrication service. With many years of acquired knowledge and vast Plastic Machining experience, we can assist you with all your Cnc Routing needs. Having machined a variety of Engineering Plastic materials […]

Acrylic Display Cabinets

Lockable Perspex Containers

Industrial Plastic Solutions are your go to guys when you need Custom Acrylic Display Cabinets. All cabinets are made from quality Perspex sheets as well as the more standard cast acrylic sheets. We are happy to Plastic Fabricate any type of Acrylic Display Cabinet your business or company may require. Acylic Display Cabinets | Features • […]

Perspex Light Diffusers

Prismatic Light Diffuser

Perspex Light Diffusers by Industrial Plastic Solutions. Here at Industrial Plastic Solutions we are able to provide you with many types of Perspex Light Diffusers. We off a cut to size service while you wait using quality Perspex & Acrylic Light Diffuser Materials. The most common type of Perspex Light Diffusers that you see in […]

Perspex Sheets

Perspex Diffusers

Perspex sheets from Lucite® are the premium acrylic sheets available on the market today. Used everywhere for an enormous amount of application’s its ability to withstand ultraviolet degradation is second to none. Perspex comes with a 30 year guarantee against yellow discoloration which is very impressive. Perspex extruded sheet is available in a wide range […]

Nylon uses & properties

Nylon Routed Part

  Nylon commonly known as the work horse of plastics was first patented in 1935 by a scientist working for DuPont. Since this time nylon has become renowned for its toughness & wear characteristics which enable it to be used in many industrial applications that require a tough material. There are many variants of nylon […]

Polycarbonate Machine Guards for safety

Polycarbonate Curved Guards

Without Polycarbonate Machine Guards, the  potential for serious injury is always present when machinery is in motion. Sharp edges are rotating and cutting components to size, or flat panels are slamming down on powerful pistons to crush waste material into compact packages. One careless moment in this or any other machine-heavy area would be enough to […]

What are Acrylic Displays?

Reserved Signs Plastic Fabrication

Acrylic displays have become the mainstream choice for displaying products. Despite its growing popularity, many business owners still ask – what are acrylic displays? ”What you don’t know won’t hurt you,” it’s commonly said. But this is one of those times where “not knowing” could be bad for business. As an entrepreneur, it is your […]

Teflon Sheet & its Applications

Polyurethane Sheet Melbourne

Teflon sheet is hard at work in every aspect of domestic life, having seeped into our collective consciousness by creating a formidable reputation in several critical industrial applications. The brand label is derived from the hard to pronounce technical name, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a complex polymer with high tensile carbon-fluoride bonds, but it’s the properties and […]