Acrylic Display Solutions for Shops

February 26th, 2015

acrylic display solutions
Material design principles are products of the human mind. As such, modern industrial-grade plastics cultivate a dual philosophy, one that discriminates between utilitarian functionality and aesthetic-focused appearance. Imagine a behind the curtain metaphor, the image of hidden machinery on a factory floor. Functionality is the only priority in fabricating these components, The designs covet strength and versatility, chemical resistance and exacting manufacturing standards that ensure one component mates to the next. Meanwhile, snap on the flood lights to see the products that love to be adored in front of the curtain. Car bodies and apparel are two fine examples of this motif, as are the acrylic displays used to engage strolling customers in a shop.

Finely wrought acrylic plastic, also known as acrylic glass, possesses a slanted bias, one that targets the mall shopper whose attention span hangs somewhere around the 5 second mark. The material is based on acrylic acid, a polymer known by the technical term, poly(methyl) methacrylate. PMMA,to use the abbreviated slang, is blessed with several characteristics that make the substance perfect for the display market. First of all, sheets of acrylic are smooth and glossy, and the beauty goes beyond skin deep, passing all the way down to the strong molecular bonds that make acrylic a solid option for supporting weighty products. Let’s not gloss over another key aspect of this display-focused plastic, the unique property of the polymer to pass ninety-two percent of the visual light spectrum, a technical tag that translates to almost perfect translucency.

As see-through as glass and as strong as industrial plastic, acrylic displays make excellent display stands, reinforced supports that frame the merchandiser’s product without stealing attention. Instead, the acrylic stand fades into the background, acting as a subliminal aid in promoting jewellery or clothing and pretty much everything in-between. Of course, if the shop owner wants to hold fast to a thematic colour, acrylic displays are easy to inject with any hue, but most store cabinets stick with transparency as a rule, thus presenting stored items in the best light. Why not stay true to glass cabinetry? Well, glass will always have its place, but acrylic is safer to install in a crowded environment, a shop, and it’s shatter-resistant, another big plus in a merchandising environment.

As strong as or stronger than comparative panes of glass, acrylic sheets are cheap to mass produce via a pressure-rolling process. The transparent material is used in retail display cabinets, signage, and POS displays, positioning the plastic as the king of the thermoplastic heap when it comes to exhibiting shop wares. Buy into the extruded acrylic phenomenon or take a step further by investigating cell cast acrylic, an industrial solution used in aquariums and bullet-proof glass.


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