Machined Plastic Bushes in Melbourne

March 12th, 2015

Machined Plastic Bushes
A local plastics machining solution delivers the goods in prosperous Victoria, placing high-quality plastic bushes in the hands of industry-savvy Melbourne clients. The bushes incorporate characteristics that exemplify cost-effective attributes, making the products a natural substitute when compared against traditional metal bearings. The obvious advantage, one anyone can recognize, is the tendency for metal to succumb to corrosion. Simply put, this action can’t be afforded in an industrial setting, not when moving parts are carrying out important tasks 24 hours a day. A flake of oxidized metal is more than enough to corrupt the centrifugal motion of a critical pump.

Rust is the obvious property that comes to mind when manufacturing the moving parts that fit within tough assemblies but there are other factors to consider. Metal forging is an expensive process. Consequently, metal parts cost more than their plastic replacements, making nylon and other tailor-made polymers attractive solutions. The plastics route is also superior in other manners, especially when it comes to maintenance, the need for constant lubrication. That last statement creates a pleasant segue toward our next featured look at engineering plastic solutions. We’re referring to lubricated plastics, the introduction of oil-filled products that completely eliminate heat-related incidents by distributing a lubricating fluid within the matrix of a chosen polymer. Of this class of bush and bearing, NylOil is a popular solution to load-bearing and moving part applications, as is LFX and Oil-on.

At this point we’ve illustrated CNC machined plastic bushes as elegant and functional alternatives to metal bearings. Next, consider the proliferation of the plastic bush when promoting the booming food industry around and within Melbourne. Industry experts see the profits of farmers markets and high-capacity farms curving upward throughout Victoria, with Melbourne acting as a central hub. Machined plastic bushes, sheaves, spacers and sleeves are key components in this growth cycle. The parts find their ways into demanding food processing plants, saving energy by replacing heavier brass components. Additionally, the abrasion-resistance features of nylon and other members of this polymer family again eliminates maintenance, which in turn slices productivity-killing down time in half.

The machined plastic bush has evolved over the last decade to deliver new and improved characteristics. Lighter than ever, the bushes absorb up to 20 percent less water. Meanwhile, advanced friction reduction properties are the norm among all industrial plastics used in bushes and bearings, equaling a near maintenance-free operational model. The last attribute to be given voice today is the chemical resistance of Nylon-6 and other materials in this class. This feature lends credence to an engineers choice when selecting these materials for use in the chemical processing industry, but be sure to talk to your polymer experts when choosing from a sea of possible bush options, choices that include everything from cast nylon to Teflon.


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