Engraved Trophies

March 23rd, 2015

Engraved Trophies
Engraved Trophies made from hard plastics make for the finest displays of courage and individual prowess. Unlike contemporary materials, there’s no need to worry over loss of sheen, physical damage, or an unwanted layer of tarnish, for plastic carries none of the disadvantages of soft metal. Instead, just like precious gems and gold, a tough acrylic will act as a metaphor for the enduring spirit of competition by maintaining a polished look that never ages. Instead, just apply an occasional damp cloth to the surface of the plastic, and wipe away fine coats of household dust. This principle, the selection of polished plastic instead of expensive silver or gold, is descended from the provision of clear plastic as seen in store windows and costume jewellery. In short, adopt a hard plastic trophy and you’re bestowed with a tough form that holds the attractive characteristics of cut glass or elegant crystal.

We leverage this untapped sector of societal living, the award of citations and trophies, at Industrial Plastics Solutions. Gifting the accomplishments of individuals, teams, and even corporations with the recognition they deserve, we use specialized plastics fabrication services to mould unique awards and engrave messages that will act as a reminder of a special occasion, a win at a sporting event, perhaps, or an award for a business of the year. Acrylic is the material of choice because it never ages or shows signs of wear. Additionally, the material is easy to mould into any shape and can have internal features incorporated within the basic structure. Imagine a coloured logo or a customized design being awarded to a teen as he or she receives applause on accomplishing a tough task. The engraved trophy will catch the light of the occasion and deliver a cool, crystalline form that won’t easily be forgotten.

The identical service is used to foster relations within a corporation, taking on the role of a stylized accolade that will stand the test of time. The advantage of acrylic here is found in repeatability, in storing the award within our Melbourne-based facility so that an identical updated edition can be formed to serve subsequent years. This idea would satisfy a corporate environment where 5, 10, and 25 year awards are issued.

The impact of a tough plastic award and its artistically added engraving is tough to beat. Even expensive alloys, wood, marble, and ever-lasting gold play second fiddle to hard plastics in general and acrylic in particular due to the versatility of the process. Affordable and easy to repeat, the plastics solution in Melbourne and Victoria can add coloured logos, an immense selection of crystalline shapes, and an enviable set of characteristics that fend off the aging process.

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