What is plastic fabrication?

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This is an intimidating subject. The scope of the topic is large, and the science is shifting to define the development of new materials. Nevertheless, we can condense plastic fabrication into a few paragraphs by touching on key areas of the discipline. First of all, manufacturing science supplies fabrication companies with focused groups of synthetics. […]

Engraved Trophies

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Engraved Trophies made from hard plastics make for the finest displays of courage and individual prowess. Unlike contemporary materials, there’s no need to worry over loss of sheen, physical damage, or an unwanted layer of tarnish, for plastic carries none of the disadvantages of soft metal. Instead, just like precious gems and gold, a tough acrylic […]

Machined Plastic Bushes in Melbourne

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A local plastics machining solution delivers the goods in prosperous Victoria, placing high-quality plastic bushes in the hands of industry-savvy Melbourne clients. The bushes incorporate characteristics that exemplify cost-effective attributes, making the products a natural substitute when compared against traditional metal bearings. The obvious advantage, one anyone can recognize, is the tendency for metal to […]

Acrylic Display Solutions for Shops

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Material design principles are products of the human mind. As such, modern industrial-grade plastics cultivate a dual philosophy, one that discriminates between utilitarian functionality and aesthetic-focused appearance. Imagine a behind the curtain metaphor, the image of hidden machinery on a factory floor. Functionality is the only priority in fabricating these components, The designs covet strength […]

The Applications and Characteristics of HDPE

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The advent of the high-density plastics era shook the twentieth-century, placing the viability of metal and wood on probation for the foreseeable future. It’s not that metal and glass and even wood aren’t still valuable commodities, but high-density plastic has several key advantages when it comes to versatility. To illustrate our point, steel alloys support […]

Plastic Welding Services in Melbourne

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Taking advantage of the properties of a material is a key principle of engineering, a rule of industrial design that’s elegantly demonstrated in the field of industrial plastics fabrication by the exploitation of the softening and melting of thermoplastics. This polymer is well known for its recycling properties, meaning a thermoplastic can melt and solidify […]

5 Reasons to Love Polycarbonate

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When it comes to tough plastics, polycarbonate is the poster child that best exemplifies the term. There are few materials known to man with the properties of this near bullet-proof plastic. Indeed, polycarbonate is used as one of the protective layers in bullet proof glass, a military-style endorsement if one was needed. The substance is […]

CNC Machining Plastics Trump Moulded Plastics

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It’s the 21st century, and there are more choices available than ever before to our industrial clients. In the case of plastic, this means being able to offer precisely customized manufacturing processes with an output material that can satisfy any list of parameters. Features present no obstacle and goals are attainable with an attached timeline […]

A Look at Engineering Plastics and their Applications

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A compact introduction to the properties that define all high-performance engineering plastics is a difficult prospect to undertake, especially when we acknowledge the sheer scale of polymer fabrication that’s penetrated into every industry over the last half century or more. Manufacturing plastics, synthetic materials designed to be rugged in application and versatile to manipulate, have […]